Dog Cancer Coping Guide Audiobook (Downloadable MP3)

This audiobook is also available on Compact Disc CD

Here's an introduction to the Coping Guide

The Dog Cancer Coping Guide (downloadable MP3) is used by dog lovers around the world to provide them with the information, support and action plan they need to get through the first stages of caring for a dog with cancer - managing what are often overwhelming emotions.

Dr. Dressler's First Book -- and Perhaps His Most Important!

This audiobook on MP3 is the first place to turn if your vet tells you that your dog may have cancer, because it will help you to calm down, think clearly, and put yourself in the right mindset to evaluate your options and make good decisions for your dog.

The Dog Cancer Coping Guide will help you:

  • Become your dog's primary healthcare advocate. Deciding how to handle your dog's cancer is too important an issue to ignore or delegate to others. At this critical time, your dog needs you to become his or her principal advocate in all healthcare and diet decisions.
  • Plan the best course of treatment for your dog. Information and resources in this guide empower you to make the right decisions for your dog and gain the confident mindset needed to chart the best course of treatment.
  • Communicate with your veterinarian most effectively. Not all vets have the time or ability to communicate with you so you understand all the options. Some vets are not open to "outside the box" treatments. This guide will help you convey and receive information so everyone understands.
  • Help you cope with emotions. The impact of learning that your dog has cancer can be profound and may stir up a number of emotions. This guide has six proven exercises that have helped other dog lovers cope with the cancer diagnosis and regain clarity.

 Praise from Listeners

"My commute is an hour long each day, and every day, I listen to this CD, both ways. It keeps my head clear and my hopes up."  - Matt H., Austin, TX
"Keeps me feeling like all is well, somehow. Dr. Dressler's voice is soothing and comforting, even when he's delivering hard-but-necessary points." - Sara P., Miami, FL
"I have The Dog Cancer Survival Guide in paperback, but I still come back to this CD. Listening to it helps me to really keep myself clear-headed, even when things feel really bad. It keeps me motivated and focused." - Gina O., Little Rock, AR

About the Author

Dr. Demian Dressler
Dr. Demian Dressler (aka "the dog cancer vet") is the author of the book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide:  Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity and the popular blog Thousands of dog lovers and veterinary professionals rely on Dr. Dressler for the complete, timely information on dog cancer. This audio program will help put you in the best place to help your dog if he or she was diagnosed with cancer.