Dog Cancer Chemotherapy Side Effects [MP3]

Ask Dr. Dressler: Chemo Side Effects

While many chemo protocols are "easier" on dogs than we imagine, sometimes that's because the doses used are not curative. And even with those lower, palliative doses, there can still be major side effects to watch out for. From the short term to the long term, Dr. Dressler talks about the side effects of chemotherapy and how to address them with your dog at home. A must-listen for anyone going through chemo with their dog, or contemplating doing so. 

As always, Dr. Dressler also answers questions from members about their dog’s cancer. 

Seminar Details

00:26 Dr. Demian Dressler:

What is chemotherapy and what are the risks and side effects?

07:56 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Treatment Plan Analysis and how to know if my dog will have side effects—the MDR test.

13:59 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Predicting problems when combining chemo agents and medications and being your dog’s primary healthcare advocate.

17:22 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Not making assumptions with regards to your veterinarian and their knowledge on your dog.

18:41 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Chronotherapy and the most effective times of the day for chemotherapy drugs and medications.

28:52 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Digestive upset (vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea) and how to help.

42:09 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Cancer cachexia, glutamine, beta glucans and cordyceps.

54:50 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The immune system, allergies, and thyroid disease.

56:47 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Being your dog’s guardian and dry eyes.

61:13 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Coenzyme Q10, Apocaps, carboplatin, and Silymarin.

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