Chronotherapy: Timing Your Dog's Cancer Medication [MP3]

Ask Dr. Dressler: Chronotherapy: It’s all in the timing

In this seminar, Dr. Dressler talks about the body’s circadian rhythms, and how the timing of your dog’s different body processes can figure into cancer treatments. Some treatments are both safer and more effective at certain times of day – and less safe or even harmful at other times of day!

This seminar has been on Dr. Dressler's mind for a long time. It's been on the minds of three other scientists for a long time, too – and they just won an award for it. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded  to three scientists; Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash, and Michael W. Young, who studied a gene in fruit flies to learn more about how the circadian rhythm works.

Learn more about the power of circadian rhythms and chronotherapy (time therapy) by listening to Dr. Dressler’s webinar.   

This less known – but very interesting – scientific topic will probably become much more widely understood now that the Nobel Prize has brought attention to it. Circadian rhythms are already being taken into account in other countries, including England, France and Australia, in a practice called “chronotherapy.” Listen to this seminar to find out how your dog may benefit from this research.

As always, Dr. Dressler also answers questions from members about their dog’s cancer.

Seminar Details

01:29 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Circadian rhythms and how they work.


What is Chronotherapy and Chronos toxicity and how it effects cancer treatment.

10:08 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s questions on raw food and diet.

17:45 Dr. Demian Dressler:

How the circadian rhythm is influenced by sleep and motility.

20:16 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The impact of PH on the body and how drugs are absorbed in the body.

21:52 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The impact of blood flow and medication absorption.

24:08 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Liver and digestive enzymes and how they impact medication absorption.

26:27 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Kidneys and filtration.

29:26 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on melanoma’s, lymphoma, x-rays, fluid accumulation, and palliative care.

37:49 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Timing cancer treatments and medications.

46:45 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Drug toxicity and elimination.

48:35 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Life stage and breed differences and their impact on cancer treatment and drug effectiveness.

51:56 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The impact of free radicals on the body and treatments Dr. Dressler does not recommend.

58:50 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Best times of day to administer chemotherapy drugs.

63:16 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s questions on diet, supplements, and Apocaps.

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