Mast Cell Tumors #2 [MP3]

Ask Dr. Dressler: More Thoughts On Mast Cell Tumors

Dr. Dressler revisits one of the most common canine cancers, particularly in the skin: mast cell tumors. (It is not mass cell tumor as is commonly thought.) In this seminar he addresses:

  • What we’ve learned about mast cell tumors in the last couple of years
  • C-kit genetic mutations and how knowing your dog’s status may help you decide how to treat the cancer
  • Reliable conventional treatments for mast cell tumors
  • Alternative treatments that have been shown to be effective
  • Diet considerations for dogs with mast cell tumors
  • The things you can do right now to help your dog
  • Add this information to what you learn in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

As always, Dr. Dressler also answers questions from members about their dog’s cancer.

Seminar Details

01:57 Dr. Demian Dressler:

New information and tools on cancer treatment, overview of Mast Cell Tumors and what they are, dogs prone to Mast Cell Tumors, and C-Kit testing for MCT likelihood.

06:07 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Histamine and antihistamines in relation to Mast Cell Tumors, how MCT is graded, what it looks like, and the benefits of Fine Needle Aspirates.

09:11 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Mast Cell Tumor locations, proactive checking, early intervention, diagnosis, and surgery.

13:06 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Metastasis and wide excisions, benefits of Benadryl in dogs with Mast Cell Tumors, blood pressure monitoring, and factors to consider when it comes to surgery.

20:07 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Budgeting, talking to your vet, post procedure care, biopsy reports, and MCT grades and their impact on further treatments.

24:51 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Mast Cell Tumor grades; specifically two and three, the mitotic index, and life expectancy.

29:43 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Mast Cell Tumor surgery outcomes, regrowth and metastasis, conventional treatments, margins, seeking an oncologist, chemotherapy protocols, and survival statistics, side effects of treatment protocols, and medications.

41:50 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Radiation protocols, survival statistics, and Apocaps.

51:34 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Toxicity, diet, mastocytosis, preservatives, and supportive care—Benadryl, antacids, omegas, and eating issues.

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