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Mast Cell Tumors #1 [MP3]

Ask Dr. Dressler: Mast Cell Tumors

Dr. Dressler talks about one of the most common canine cancers: mast cell tumors. In this seminar he addresses:

  • Where most mast cell tumors occur
  • What a mast cell actually is 
  • How the immune system interacts with mast cells
  • How your dog may have gotten mast cell tumors in the first place
  • What breeds are more susceptible to this cancer
  • The link to allergies
  • Current treatments and ideas for Full Spectrum cancer care
  • And more…

As always, Dr. Dressler also answers questions from members about their dog’s cancer.

Seminar Details

0:33 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Mast Cell Tumor Overview: What is it? What causes MCT? The development of Mast Cell Tumors. Importance of diet in dogs with MCT.

7:43 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Early Stages of Mast Cell Tumors and its effect on the immune system.

11:43 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on C-Kit testing and patterns and whether to do chemotherapy for her dog with cancer—specifically Mast Cell Tumor.

16:19 Dr. Demian Dressler:

What should you do if your dog has a bump and you bring your dog in to see your veterinarian?

17:08 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Mast Cell Tumor: The Great Imitator and why it’s not immediately recognized just by touch.

18:44 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Discusses the difference between a Fine Needle Aspirate and a Biopsy.

19:25 Dr. Demian Dressler:

What is the most central factor to consider with Mast Cell Tumor treatment?

23:44 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Things your veterinarian should know or consider before having your dog undergo Mast Cell Tumor surgery.

25:53 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Being your dog’s Primary Healthcare Advocate, and things your vet may need prompting about.

29:32 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Looking for a surgeon: what specific questions to ask and what to look for.

36:18 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Mast Cell Tumor Spread and Grade: What this means for your dog with cancer.

38:16 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Why you should consider having x-rays done.

39:31 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on using antacids for Mast Cell Tumors and for Chemotherapy.

42:29 Dr. Demian Dressler:

What is the right approach for Mast Cell Tumors and indications you should use conventional cancer treatments?

47:54 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on C-Kit staining and if she should be worried.

50:12 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on how might a series of vaccinations effect a dog with cancer?

53:49 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Different chemo options and protocols.

57:13 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Palladia information and statistics, you should know.

1:03:05 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Masitinib and their Compassionate Use program. [NOTE: this program is no longer in effect and you may not be able to use masitinib any longer.]

1:07:00 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on laser surgery, digestive enzymes and a meat and diet for dog’s with Mast Cell Tumors.

1:13:29 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Radiation for Mast Cell Tumors and factors you should take into consideration and know before choosing this treatment option.

1:20:40 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on what are the best pain control medicines for end of life care, and should I be wary of side-effects?

1:28:02 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers Readers Question on is it sensible to put a dog through chemotherapy when it is so costly?

1:34:01 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers Readers Question on mast cell tumor treatment options with regards to age and grade, and how to find a good oncologist or holistic vet.

1:39:09 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on anti-angiogenic therapy for a dog with hemangiosarcoma, metronomic chemotherapy, and what gives the dog the best chance.

1:45:22 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on anal glands, lymph nodes, getting a second opinion and treatment options.

1:50:28 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers readers question on giving a grain free diet when the dog doesn’t want to eat a grain free diet.

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