Best Supplements for Dog Cancer: The Supplement Hierarchy [MP3]

Best Supplements for Dog Cancer: The Supplement Hierarchy

What if I can’t give my dog all the supplements Dr. Dressler recommends in his book? If I'm on a budget -- or just don't have a lot of time -- or if my dog hates taking pills by mouth -- which supplements are the most important?

In this seminar, Dr. Dressler helps guide you through the maze of supplements, pointing out which he finds most supportive and least complicated. Remember -- just because supplements are natural, doesn't mean they aren't having an effect in the body. They can interact with each other, interfere with each other, and enhance each other -- and they also have an impact on conventional treatments. Before you start practicing natural pharmacy with your dog, this is a good seminar to attend.

Dr. Dressler covers: 

  • Supplements for cancer versus supplements for healthy dogs
  • Which supplements offer the maximum benefit?
  • How to evaluate the information offered by manufacturers and other dog lovers
  • Why use supplements at all?
  • Use of supplements to treat side effects
  • Immune-boosters
  • Apoptogens and anti-inflammatories
  • The dog supplement hierarchy
  • Where to find supplements
  • Good brands
  • Dosing issues
  • And so much more…

As always, Dr. Dressler answers reader questions during this seminar.

Seminar Details

00:21 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The importance of supplements (and choosing the right ones) in your dog’s cancer journey and the supplement hierarchy.

07:25 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Immune support, detoxification, appetite, and the effects of supplements on conventional treatments.

11:47 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Maximum benefits of supplements, and the factors that go into selecting the best supplements.

18:14 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The purpose of using supplements in dog cancer—immune support, anti-inflammatories, apoptogens and apoptosis, and bioavailability.

34:45 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Defining your supplement budget and your budget in general, and understanding your personality type.

45:12 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Conventional treatment side effects and supplement usage.

51:17 Dr. Demian Dressler:

The types of supplements to purchase and the hierarchy of supplements (from most important)— artemisinin, luteolin, EGCG, curcumin, K9 immunity and K9 Transfer Factor, fish oil or krill oil, Wobenzyme N, cimetidine, doxycycline, branch amino acids (Juven), glutamine, modified citrus pectin, multivitamins, and digestive enzymes.

55:56 Dr. Demian Dressler:

How to shop for supplements and where to get them from.

63:14 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Supplement breakdown, doses and precautions, capsule sizes, and what to look for in the ingredients.

88:01 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on how to give your dog pills.

91:25 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on timing your supplements with other treatments and medications.

93:26 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on the right supplements for a dog with oral melanoma.

95:33 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on Poli MVA.

97:52 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on bone meal.

99:11 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s questions on dosage for artemisinin, piroxicam, and doxycycline.

101:22 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on fluid accumulation, prednisone, and milk thistle.

105:41 Dr. Demian Dressler:

Answers reader’s question on resveratrol and their properties, and are the presence of lipomas indicators of pre-cancer?

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